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November 2009 Hosted by Mimi's Cafe in Gainesville. Spend some virtual time on the Golf Course. Silver Lake is the new home for Rainbow Riding. Networking and giveaways.>

October 2009 Reach 30,000 cheap. Pulling strings -tooting your own horn and finance. Experts in both fields join us at Stonewall Golf Club. >

SPECIAL EDITION 2009 Online applications and renewals are now in place. >

September 2009 Hosted by The Winery at La Grange. How to Work a Room, Float building, Winners, recap, stage sponsorship, Carol and Tom Selleck>

August 2009 Hosted by Stonewall Golf Club. Supervisor John Stirrup takes time out to speak with the membership. Silver Lake gears up for horses, fish and visitors. >

July 2009 Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs, One more night of free music, Desiderio bites with a bennie for attendees>

June 2009 - Visit to The Marque at Heritage Hunt, New Board Bios, Robert Sturm introduces SERVE, Earth Day Win, Bus Tour Mascot, and wear your hardhat this week. >

May 2009 Networking at the Winery at La Grange, Casting Votes for the Board, Enjoying Spring and some last chance reminders for local events and Great 'Scapes info. >

April 2009 REMINDER AND SPONSORSHIPS THIS SPRING! Virtual Bus Tour, Earth Day, Rainbow Golf, LIVE! at Evergreen Concert, Alvey Fun Fair, and Boosters >

April 2009 -
LEEDing green at Wetland Studies and Solutions, UNOs offeres up fare, Spotlight making her Marque,
Ride the Virtual Bus, Boost Your Image. >

March 2009 - Hosted by El Vaquero, sponsored by BB&T. Bankers are talking, Salsa, Social Experts and Saving the Planet. >

February 2009 -Visit Piedmont Center. Kids of all ages, Oldtowne Haymarket, Warm Gifts and "What are you doing? in plain English . >

January 2009 -Tax Tips, Secret Service Map, Kudos and more . >

November 2008 -Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus, see him in Haymarket and Gainesville, spreading cheer. >

October 2008 - PACE West hosts, WMZQ broadcasts and wine goes with hot air. >

September 2008 -Evergreen Country Club hosts our meeting, Mayor Stutz gets us up to speed. >

August 2008 - HGBA teams up with PWCGMCC, construction is moved up! >

July 2008 - Haymarket Oldtowne Center is underway. Brooklyn Brothers host Energy Speakers> Opens - New HGBA Board is in place, new venues and new features get launched >

May 2008 - Sneak peek at the new look. Haymarket Town Council gives Kennedy another go.>

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